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Uni Tarot App Review

8 of pentaclesUnit Tarot is a wonderful app that gives you access to 8 tarot decks. The tarot decks are as follows: Rider Waite-Smith, Soprafino Tarot, Tarot of Giovanni Vacchetta, 1JJ Swiss Tarot, Grand Etteilla Tarot, Etteilla III, Sola Busca Tarot and the Tarot of Marseilles. All of the tarot decks are free with the exception of the Tarot of Marseilles deck which cost $4.95.

In addition to the tarot card decks, the Uni Tarot app features 15 spreads which are Single, Three card, Relationship, Five card, Celtic Cross, Horseshoe, This Week, The Mirror, The Pentagram, The Hexagram, The Mandala, The Tree of Life, The Key, The Ankh, The Chariot spreads. The Unit Tarot app even allows you to create your own spread. Can You say WOW! The Uni Tarot app can also be used as a learning tool for beginners and professionals. I myself enjoy experimenting with the different spreads because they reinforce my recognition of the tarot cards and provide accurate readings regarding life’s various problems. ¬†Each cards information is provided in many aspects: Astrology, Numerology, Elements, Colors, Esoteric Title, Intelligence, correspondence in the Hebrew alphabet, position in Kabbalistic tree of life and many more. Really good learning material!

The Unit Tarot app also allows you to send spreads to friends via email and export to other devices, share spreads on Facebook and twitter, provide Optional notification “Card of Day”, Search card by name, Customize background (15 colors + 17 textures), Visual shuffling deck and choosing cards, Screen rotation support and tablet support. The Uni Tarot version 2.1 offers many new features but I found the ability to enter a significator position in a spread to be amazing!

To learn more about this amazing app visit https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ucdevs.utarot.