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The Mirror Tarot Card Spread

“The Mirror”  tarot card spread is a wonderful spread that can be used to gain insight into established relationships.  The spread can also be used for gaining insight into difficulties problems or difficulties concerning relationships. Mirror spread

Each of the eight positions of the Mirror Spread  has a specific meaning. How do you read the Mirror spread?  Well there are eight positions with the following meanings: positions and their meanings are:

The Individual: This card represents the person who is the focus of the reading. This could be you or someone else, depending on who you focused on during the preparation phase of the reading.

Your View: This card indicates the way you see the other person in the relationship.

Their View: This card reveals how that person sees themselves.

Inner Meaning: This card represents what the other person means to you.

Reversed Meaning: This card indicates what you mean to the other person.

Obstacles: This card reveals possible obstacles within the relationship. Sometimes this card will appear to be positive, but look beneath the surface for its true meaning.

Strengths: This card represents the strengths of the relationship.

Final Outcome: This card indicates the probable outcome provided circumstances stay as they are. This card can be changed simply by disrupting the status quo. This change could be either positive or negative.

Want to gain insight into a relationship or partnership? I recommend you try the Mirror tarot card spread.the lovers