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Six of Wands – Victory!

illuminati Six of WandsThe number six in numerology  indicates, harmony, cooperation, problem solving and adjustment. The number six in any reading indicates that victory is sure to follow.

The six  of wands indicates that after the competition conflict experienced during the five of wands phase, victory has prevailed.  As a result the victor is now experiencing public recognition in honor of their  success.  However, it is important to note that  the victor was victorious not because he possessed the best skills, but because he had confidence in himself and was able to use his confidence to manuever through the conflict.   The six of wands is a nice card to see in a reading because it signals that problems  will be resolved easily.

When the six of wands appears in a reading reversed , on the overall, it can indicated  that  the victor may be misusing their powers or that there is a great possibility that the victor won’t  be in power for very long. KETJ