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Five of Wands – Competition Conflict!

Illuminati Five of WandsCompetition Conflict!   Five’s  are  synonymous with conflict, courage,  daring, strife, uncertainty, fear  and upheaval.

The five of wands like all five’s in the tarot signify conflict and change.  However, unlike the five of Swords, the conflict represented in the five of wands is on a lighter note.  The five of wands signifies loss or indicates some type of difficulties usually in the realm of competition or some form of disruption which can either be positive or negative.

When five of wands appears in a reading, it can indicate that you may be  stuck in a period of stagnation.  The conflict presented by the 5 of wands might be  just what is needed to help  you free yourself  from your stagnated state. The five of wands can also indicate friendly competition from other people who oppose you but don’t really want to see you harmed.  These people want to see how you merit against them in competition.

When the five of wands appears reversed, it’s tone is negative filled with conflict and nasty competition designed to do harm vs. friendly competition.

Four of Wands – Harvest!

Tarot Illuminati 4 of wandsIt’s Harvest Time!  The number 4 in numerology can indicate strength, stability, material completion and manifestation.

The four of wands  indicates that the fruits of one’s labor are finally coming to fruition  due to the planning and  hard work accomplished  during the Ace, Two and Three  of wands phases.  Overall, when the four of wands appears in a reading, it indicates that your plans, projects or goals are coming to fruition.

This is a wonderful time of harvest  enjoyed and shared with friends as well as  people who have helped contribute to your success.

When the four of wands appears reversed in a reading, it indicates that the accomplishments are not being appreciated.  During this time, it is  important to be appreciative of your accomplishments. You’ve worked hard!!



Three of Wands – My Ships are Coming In!

3 of wands tarot illuminati

The number  3 in numerology can indicate creativity, groups, goals and initial achievements, growth, and expansion.

When the three of wands appears in a reading, it indicates that you have taken the steps to put your goals into action.   You were able to do this due to the  planing completed during the two of wands phase.

It is also important to remember that although the ships are coming in, they have not actually arrived yet. Therefore, proper planning should continue for the duration of the project.  This is also a good time to reevaluate plans if  needed.  It will also being important to accept any new opportunities, as they will lead to growth and expansion.

When the three of wands appear reversed in a reading, it can indicate that plans have not turned out the way you had hopped they would.  Some reasons could be  due to a lack of inspiration, delays, lack of creativity, and lack of  collaboration among groups.