Princess of Swords – Inquisitive & Communicative Mind!

tarot illuminati princess of swordsThe Princess of Swords

The princess of swords  also know as the page of swords  depending on the tarot deck is a court card.  Court cards are part of the minor arcana and can be very difficult to decipher as they can represent many things such as personality traits of the querent,  the person the querent is inquiring about, situations, and the elements of their suit.  The element for swords is air.   I will discuss court cards in greater length in a separate  blog.

For the most part, princesses  possess a child like quality and represents youthful energy.  Princesses can also represent the beginning stages of any energies geared towards projects, idea, or feelings, especially qualities of a young student.  The princess of swords can indicate a person who is very inquisitive, witty and clever and because of this the princess of swords can enthusiastically and rapidly discard one idea or thought and move rapidly to another.

When the princess of swords appears in a reading, it can indicate a person that possesses the characteristics of the princess of swords or it can  indicate communication between people rather it be a co-worker, family members or love relationships.  The princess of swords can also simply indicate thoughts in a person’s head as they pertain to making plans, initiating projects, etc.

When the princess of swords appears reversed, it can indicate someone whose mind has become stagnated and as a result creative energy becomes  blocked.  The princess of swords can also indicate  someone who moves away from  standard ideas seeking to create their own.

Want a more comprehensive interpretation of the 78 tarot cards which includes the Princess (Page) of  swords. I highly recommend “The Ultimate Guide to Tarot Card Meanings”, by Brigit Esselmont.


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