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The Knight of Pentacles

The Knight of Pentacles


This morning I  drew the Knight of Pentacles upright.  The Knight of Pentacles depicts a knight sitting in the middle of a field on a plow horse. In his right hand, he holds a pentacle. A plow horse is used for ploughing fields and other heavy labor which indicates that the Knight of Pentacles is a hard worker. Although the Knight of Pentacle is responsible, he is a slow-moving character, serious and stubborn.  His focus is on handling day-to-day mundane activities such as work, environment finances and health.

How does this Apply to me?

We’ll… I was feeling a bit overwhelmed with responsibilities regarding family, work and other extra-curricular activities such as family, work, finances and creating a successful blog.  The Knight  of Pentacles reminds me that although I am feeling overwhelmed, I should continue to work hard and focus all of the things that are important to live a good life, such as family, finances and health.  Staying focused on day-to-day activities will help me stay on course and successfully reach my goals. How do you think the Knight of Pentacles might apply to you in accomplishing your goals? Success