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Reflects the card drew from the tarot card deck on any particular day and how it can be associated to our everyday lives.

The Five of Wands

five of wandsThe Five of Wands like all five’s in the tarot can indicate conflict and change.  However, unlike the Five of Swords, the conflict represented in the Five of Wands is on a lighter note.  The Five of Wands signifies loss or indicates some type of difficulties usually in the realm of competition.  A good example of the Five of Wands would be if  people are playing a sport and they are competing against each other.  They are competing within the game for the sheer joy of the sport but they don’t intend to purposely hurt each other.

How doe this apply to me as the card of the day. I’ve been experiencing some problems at work which are due to competition.  It’s nice to know that the competition is in good spirit and that the people aren’t really out to hurt me.  What does the Five of Wand mean to you?

The Queen of Cups

queen_cupsToday, I pulled the Queen of Cups from the tarot card deck.  The Queen of Cups can symbolize among other things, a person who is sensitive, mature and romantic.  She is intuitive and empathetic which gives her the ability to guide other people through their emotions.  The Queen of Cups gives much of herself to help others and is a loving in caring mother.  Because of this, she may withdraw at times to restore herself.

And that is exactly what I did the entire weekend.  I helped my children, friends and co-workers solve their problems all week-long  by using my intuition to guide them to enlightenment.  By the end of the week, I was wiped out!  So I withdrew into a quiet place to restore myself and  relaxed.  Although, still a little mentally tired, I am feeling better!  What are your thoughts regarding the Queen of Cups?

Eight of Wands

eight_wandsHow can I leverage my time for the day was the question that I asked myself this morning when I woke up.  I had so much to accomplish that I was beginning to experience a sense of being overwhelmed.  I turned to my trusty tarot cards for some insight and pulled the eight of wands tarot cards.  I scanned the card  quickly and thought, wands, fire, eights, movement, action,  and accomplishment and knew immediately what it was I needed to do. Get my butt in gear, focus and using a  high level of movement, move it!  With the eight of wands by my side, I know I will accomplish all of my goals today!

What are your experiences with the eight of wands?

The Chariot

the ChariotI pulled The Chariot card today as my card of the day!  Yipee, in a reading, the Chariot basically indicates a person using their sheer will power to successfully control a situation.  I’m leading a busy life at home, at work and at play however, I am holding everything together by the sheer force of my personality.  It appears that I will resolve the problems of the day successfully.  Happy to see you today Chariot!

What are your thoughts regarding the Chariot?

The Two of Cups

Amazing!  I pulled the Two of Cups this morning from the Tarot Card deck this morning. Two of Cups In a rush, I wondered how I could  apply this card to  my day.  The Two of Cups signify mutual love and attraction between two people.   The love depicted in the relationship is considered  a lesser love than depicted in the Lovers tarot card.   As a single woman unfortunately with no prospects I found it difficult to apply this card to my day.

After running what seemed like a thousand errands, I returned home and shuffled the tarot deck again.  Low and behold, I pulled the Two of Cups again as my card of the day!  I wondered once again how could I apply this card to my day.

I completed a grueling three and a half-year educational program which left me feeling mentally exhausted and burned out.  I quietly retreated into peaceful meditation in order to restore my mind.  I lost my dog about five months later which led me to open up my heart to a greater extend.  As a result, I have a new-found view of the world we live in.  I find myself being more loving and appreciative of life! What are your thoughts about the Two of Cups?


The Devil Reversed!

The Devil Reversed

The Devil Reversed

Today I pulled the devil reversed as the card of the day from my tarot card deck. Interesting!  Like the death card, most people fear the devil card. Bottom line, and generally speaking, the devil card can symbolize sexual obsession,Illushionment, misery,  and materialism. However, the devil card reversed can indicate a person who  becomes conscious of being dissatisfied with the unhappy status of their life. As a result, they make a conscious decision to try an liberate themselves by making changes for the better. However, just like a drug addiction, it may very easy to return to the old way of doing things which caused the unhappiness to begin with.


The tarot cards are absolutely amazing and right on point.  The Devil card reversed clearly indicates how I have been feeling over the last couple of months. I’ve made a conscious decision to better my life by making positive changes, such as exercise, eating healthy ad building a strong mind and body. spiritual woman

What are your thoughts about the devil card reversed?






The Knight of Pentacles

The Knight of Pentacles


This morning I  drew the Knight of Pentacles upright.  The Knight of Pentacles depicts a knight sitting in the middle of a field on a plow horse. In his right hand, he holds a pentacle. A plow horse is used for ploughing fields and other heavy labor which indicates that the Knight of Pentacles is a hard worker. Although the Knight of Pentacle is responsible, he is a slow-moving character, serious and stubborn.  His focus is on handling day-to-day mundane activities such as work, environment finances and health.

How does this Apply to me?

We’ll… I was feeling a bit overwhelmed with responsibilities regarding family, work and other extra-curricular activities such as family, work, finances and creating a successful blog.  The Knight  of Pentacles reminds me that although I am feeling overwhelmed, I should continue to work hard and focus all of the things that are important to live a good life, such as family, finances and health.  Staying focused on day-to-day activities will help me stay on course and successfully reach my goals. How do you think the Knight of Pentacles might apply to you in accomplishing your goals? Success


The Ten of Cups Reversed

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