The Queen of Cups

queen_cupsToday, I pulled the Queen of Cups from the tarot card deck.  The Queen of Cups can symbolize among other things, a person who is sensitive, mature and romantic.  She is intuitive and empathetic which gives her the ability to guide other people through their emotions.  The Queen of Cups gives much of herself to help others and is a loving in caring mother.  Because of this, she may withdraw at times to restore herself.

And that is exactly what I did the entire weekend.  I helped my children, friends and co-workers solve their problems all week-long  by using my intuition to guide them to enlightenment.  By the end of the week, I was wiped out!  So I withdrew into a quiet place to restore myself and  relaxed.  Although, still a little mentally tired, I am feeling better!  What are your thoughts regarding the Queen of Cups?

What do you think?

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