The STAR – Hope and Possibilities

The Star card signals hope and possibilities. Something that we are in desperate need of during this pandemic. We are all forced globally to deal with the COVID 19 virus threat and the impact it may have on ourselves, family members and friends if contracted. For those who serve as first line responders such as law enforcement officers, deputies, state troopers, deputies, federal agents, school resource officers,emergency medical technicians, paramedics, rescuers, firefighters, military personnel, sanitation workers, public works, grocery store clerks, liquor store workers, metro transit personnel, and any other person who heads out of the safety of their homes to provide a service I salute you. The COVID 19 virus does not discriminate based on social economic status and so we are all in this together.

So where does the power of the STAR tarot card come in? During stressful times which may be prolonged; its important to remain hopeful and focus on all of the possibilities that your life has to offer. Although sometimes the days may seem dark it is important to remain calm and stay focused on your well being.  Set your mind on any goals that you may have and if If you don’t have any goals, this would be a good time to identify some. Many people have lost their jobs and may be having difficulty making ends meet. The STAR card asks that you stay calm, remain hopeful and consider any possibilities that may be available to you such as unemployment, food banks, 401k withdrawals, and personal loans from family and friends. During this time, it’s important to have faith and trust that a new day will dawn and things will eventually return to normal.
I hope that everyone stays safe! What are you thoughts on the STAR card?

What do you think?

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