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The STAR – Hope and Possibilities

The Star card signals hope and possibilities. Something that we are in desperate need of during this pandemic. We are all forced globally to deal with the COVID 19 virus threat and the impact it may have on ourselves, family members and friends if contracted. For those who serve as first line responders such as law enforcement officers, deputies, state troopers, deputies, federal agents, school resource officers,emergency medical technicians, paramedics, rescuers, firefighters, military personnel, sanitation workers, public works, grocery store clerks, liquor store workers, metro transit personnel, and any other person who heads out of the safety of their homes to provide a service I salute you. The COVID 19 virus does not discriminate based on social economic status and so we are all in this together.

So where does the power of the STAR tarot card come in? During stressful times which may be prolonged; its important to remain hopeful and focus on all of the possibilities that your life has to offer. Although sometimes the days may seem dark it is important to remain calm and stay focused on your well being.  Set your mind on any goals that you may have and if If you don’t have any goals, this would be a good time to identify some. Many people have lost their jobs and may be having difficulty making ends meet. The STAR card asks that you stay calm, remain hopeful and consider any possibilities that may be available to you such as unemployment, food banks, 401k withdrawals, and personal loans from family and friends. During this time, it’s important to have faith and trust that a new day will dawn and things will eventually return to normal.
I hope that everyone stays safe! What are you thoughts on the STAR card?

The Major and Minor Arcana in Love and Relationship Tarot Readings

Hello my faithful readers. I just read a wonderful blog by Lisa Frideborg of Love Dove Tarot. In this particular blog, Lisa provides insight in to the roles that the Major and Minor arcana tarot cards play in love and relationship readings. Enjoy!

Pamela Colman Smith 1903 – The Green Sheaf

Another wonderful article regarding Pamela Coleman Smith illustrator of the Rider Waite Tarot Deck. Thank You Mary K. Greer!

Mary K. Greer's Tarot Blog

I just had to add this additional piece from The Reader: An Illustrated Monthly Magazine, September, 1903, p. 331-332. (note: date corrected).

PCS-1904 The Reader Magazine

MISS Pamela Coleman Smith was born of American parents in London, where her father was at the time engaged in business. On both sides her forebears exhibited in some degree the tendencies which have brought Miss Smith to the front in literary and artistic circles. One may say that from her mother she derived an intense, individual creative desire, which very early in life began to satisfy itself in a curious sort of drawing, later developed into the style already so well known, especially in England. While she was still a child the family removed to the island of Jamaica, where she lived seven years. During the time her chief diversion, outside her drawing, was learning the West Indian negro folk-tales. A volume of this folk-lore was…

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Pamela Colman Smith 1912 – correspondences

Mary K. Greer's Tarot Blog

With these later news articles it becomes apparent how much of Pamela Colman Smith’s work has been lost. We find a tendency among the reporters to “damn with faint praise” as Pixie moves out of the realm of neighborhood parlour entertainment and begins to be taken seriously by people like Alfred Stieglitz—always dangerous for a woman of the time. I’ve placed Pixie’s paintings-to-music here rather than in my 1907 post (when she began exhibiting them) because these news articles are more slanted toward her musical works. See also this article in Current Literature on “Pictured Music.”

Stieglitz purchased quite a few of Pixie’s paintings, which Georgia O’Keefe sold off separately soon after he died—despite his desire, stated in his will, to keep them together—amid some speculation that a decades-old jealousy was involved. The Delaware Art Museum has a few in of her works in their collection and produced an exhibit in 1975 curated by Melinda Boyd Parsons (she wrote the catalog and…

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Pamela Colman Smith 1907 – story teller

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“Once in a long before time before Queen Victoria came to reign over we . . .”

This post features newspaper articles from Pixie’s 1907 visit to New York where she concentrated on presenting her Jamaican folk tales along with recitations of old English ballads and poetry by Yeats. Waite made it clear that “one other” had helped in the creation of the Tarot deck and from the accounts in these papers it is clear that she knew Yeats well. Separately I’ve learned that around this time she performed some recitals with Florence Farr, who taught Tarot to Golden Dawn initiates.

Pamela Colman Smith portrait-large

“never in the least bound down by the traditions”
Sat., Jan. 12, 1907

Miss Pamela Colman Smith, some of whose very interesting pictures are now being exhibited across the river, at 291 Fifth avenue, has recently returned to this country, after several years spent in England. Miss Smith had a…

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Pamela Colman Smith: “out of the heart of the Heights”

Mary K. Greer's Tarot Blog

“She has always been strange. There is not a page of her life, not an incident, that is not overflowing with romance.”

Pamela Smith in Private Live 1904

I’ve just discovered a lengthy article about Pamela Colman Smith in The Brooklyn Daily Eagle. New York, Tuesday, November 1, 1904. It gives many details of her large Brooklyn family (much of which I’ve left out) and describes her in terms of a hometown girl. Accompanying the article was this photograph of PCS as a very young girl.

“Winsome Witchery in London Drawing Rooms”

“Remarkable Success of a Height Girl in folk-Lore Tales”
“A Remarkable Personality”
“Pamela Coleman Smith, Closely Related to Many Prominent Brooklyn Families, and Her Strange Career”

In London drawing rooms the enthusiasm and the fashion of the hour is Pamela Coleman[sic] Smith, who, in a brilliant frock of orange with a red turban, sits on a board with two lighted candles in front of her and…

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The Grave of Arthur Edward Waite

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Waite's grave

Waite__1910Many people have been incensed by the lack of a known grave for Pamela Colman Smith, artist of the Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot. But how many people have made pilgrimage to the gravesite of Arthur Edward Waite? Please let us know if you have. It turns out that Waite lived in his later years and died not far from where Pixie Smith drew many of the cards for their mutual deck. For those who are interested go HERE for the location and some pictures of his grave. At least you can have a virtual look at the place where he was buried. Photo by Julia&Keld

ADDED: On the end of Waite’s grave are the words “Est Una Sola Res.” Someone asked me what these words meant. “There is only One Thing.” But, I’ll let Waite himself explain his understanding of this phrase, from his book The Hidden Church of the Holy Grail, published the same year as…

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The Four of Swords

four-of-swords-swords-minor-arcana-rider-waite-tarotThis morning I pulled the four of swords from the tarot card deck.   What a perfectly fitting card for the day! The four of swords indicates a person who retreats to take a much-needed rest which can eventually lead to healing if needed.  However, the four of swords for me indicated that I needed to slow down for the day, relax and meditate. In essence give my self a mental break!  That’s exactly what I did.  I enjoyed the rainy day in my pajamas and watched movies on cable all day.  I believe the last time I did that might have been three years ago!

This card is a reminder that we need to take a moment out of our busy schedules and replenish ourselves mentally.  The four of swords can also symbolize retreating and allowing yourself to recover from whatever ails you.   What this card mean for you!








The Ten of Cups Reversed

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Last night I worked on setting up my Esoteric Tarot Journals blog.  It is still very much a work in progress but I wanted to get started with my first blog.   I will be recording my overall thoughts, about the … Continue reading