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Five of Swords – Hostile Conflict!

tarot illuminati 5 of swordsIn numerology, five’s  are  synonymous with conflict, courage,  daring, strife, uncertainty, fear  and upheaval.

Some key words for the five of  swords are Defeat, discord and tension, betrayal, turmoil,  being in a hostile environment, and  victory through dishonor.

It’s a good thing you took the time out to rest with the four of swords. you’ll need to be rested and have a clear mind in order to deal with all of the dishonest and hostile conflict associated with the  five of swords.

When the five of swords  appears in a reading watch out!  It can indicate that someone rather it be you are someone else will go to any means necessary to be the victor. However, just be mindful that although you may have won, your victory was at a high cost.   So  ask yourself,  was it really worth it?

When the five of swords appears reversed it can mean that you are ready to stop fighting and are open to resolving any conflict so it can be placed in the past.

Want a more comprehensive interpretation of the 78 tarot cards which includes the five of  swords. I highly recommend “The Ultimate Guide to Tarot Card Meanings”, by Brigit Esselmont