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Six of Swords – Regrettable Transition

Illuminati Tarot 6 of swordsIn numerology, six’s  represent communications, harmony,  adjustments and problem solving.

Some key words for the six of swords are transition, journey, passage, easing of stress and insight.

When the six of swords appears in a reading it can indicate that a decision was made  to transition away from troubled waters, rather it be work, love or finances, etc.

The decision to move away from troubled waters is a regrettable decision, however it’s for the best because what ever the issues were caused a great deal of stress, or was just not working out on a grande scale.   Sometimes the decision to journey from one point to another is a difficult decision, however the journey will be wort it as it will lead to calmer waters.

When the six of swords appears reversed it can mean that the decision to transition is very difficult.  It can also mean that the past has not been completely left behind, therefore the transition becomes more difficult than it should be.

Want a more comprehensive interpretation of the 78 tarot cards which includes the six of  swords. I highly recommend “The Ultimate Guide to Tarot Card Meanings”, by Brigit