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The Two of Cups

Amazing!  I pulled the Two of Cups this morning from the Tarot Card deck this morning. Two of Cups In a rush, I wondered how I could  apply this card to  my day.  The Two of Cups signify mutual love and attraction between two people.   The love depicted in the relationship is considered  a lesser love than depicted in the Lovers tarot card.   As a single woman unfortunately with no prospects I found it difficult to apply this card to my day.

After running what seemed like a thousand errands, I returned home and shuffled the tarot deck again.  Low and behold, I pulled the Two of Cups again as my card of the day!  I wondered once again how could I apply this card to my day.

I completed a grueling three and a half-year educational program which left me feeling mentally exhausted and burned out.  I quietly retreated into peaceful meditation in order to restore my mind.  I lost my dog about five months later which led me to open up my heart to a greater extend.  As a result, I have a new-found view of the world we live in.  I find myself being more loving and appreciative of life! What are your thoughts about the Two of Cups?