Daily Archives: July 13, 2014

The Five of Wands

five of wandsThe Five of Wands like all five’s in the tarot can indicate conflict and change.  However, unlike the Five of Swords, the conflict represented in the Five of Wands is on a lighter note.  The Five of Wands signifies loss or indicates some type of difficulties usually in the realm of competition.  A good example of the Five of Wands would be if  people are playing a sport and they are competing against each other.  They are competing within the game for the sheer joy of the sport but they don’t intend to purposely hurt each other.

How doe this apply to me as the card of the day. I’ve been experiencing some problems at work which are due to competition.  It’s nice to know that the competition is in good spirit and that the people aren’t really out to hurt me.  What does the Five of Wand mean to you?