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Prince of Wands – Adventurer!

illuminati Prince of wandsThe prince of wands also know as the knight of wands depending on the tarot deck is a court card.  Court cards are part of the minor arcana and can be very difficult to decipher as they can represent many things such as personality traits of the querent,  the person the querent is inquiring about, various situations, and the elements of their suit.

The element for wands is fire.   I will discuss court cards in greater length in a separate  blog.

Princes  indicate young adults and teenagers who tend to demonstrate strong  emotions and action.  The pricnce of wands can also portray a person who is a  student setting out on an adventurous journey of education.

When the prince of wands appears in a reading, it can indicate a  personality such as the ones mentioned above or a desire to start some type of new adventure which presents itself quickly and may be risky.   Even though success may not be assured, in this case, it would be better to take the risk than not because doing so will lead to a variety of experiences which include adventure and fun.

When the prince of wands appears in a reading reversed, it may indicate that too many risks are being taken and that its time to slow down and consider your decisions more carefully.  A reversed prince of wands also warns the querent to be careful because they may be dealing with people that want take advantage of them.